Let’s Play!

Featured Image from Ghada Wali

Is there anything in common between Math, Lego, Arabic and Design?

Let’s see… and play!


Legendas em PT nas Definições

«A pioneering graphic designer in Egypt, Ghada Wali has designed fonts, brands and design-driven art projects. She believes that graphic design can change the world.»

«After a visit to a European library in search of Arabic and Middle Eastern texts turned up only titles about fear, terrorism and destruction, Ghada Wali resolved to represent her culture in a fun, accessible way. The result: a colorful, engaging project that uses LEGO to teach Arabic script, harnessing the power of graphic design to create connection and positive change. “Effective communication and education is the road to more tolerant communities”, Wali says.»

The relationship between LEGO, Arabic and Design is explained. And what about Math?

The relationship between Arabic, Math and Design 🙂 is explained. And what about LEGO and Math?

Our conclusion…

As Ghada said at TEDGlobal 2017,  «Working on this project was a form of visual meditation, like a Sufi dance, a prayer to a better planet. One set of building blocks made two languages. LEGO is just a metaphor. It’s because we are all made of the same building unit, is that I can see a future where the barriers between people all come tumbling down. So no matter how ugly the world around us gets, or how many discouraging books on ISIS, the terrorist group, and not Isis, the ancient Egyptian goddess, continue to be published, I will keep building one colorful world

We think “One set of building blocks can make three languages: Arabic, Design and… Math.” Don’t you? 😉

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