Adventures Sweet Ball

Sweet Ellipse

Featured Image: Balatoni Múzeum Keszthely / Múzeum – Keszthely / CC BY-NC-ND

Sweet Ball

My cousin Ellipse

I know… of all the geometric figures, I’m surely the most perfect one. 🙂

I twirl with incredible ease. I spin with dizzying speed. However, there is another figure, say a flatter one, of great scientific value to you, humans. My cousin Ellipse.

Atractor even made a video to show how you can draw an ellipse, by a method with a very original name: the gardener’s method.

Ellipse in Atractor

Isaac Newton, the famous English physicist and mathematician, author of the important Newton’s Laws, experienced a similar situation to the one we are experiencing motivated by COVID-19: in 1665, the University of Cambridge, where he was a professor, was closed due to the bubonic plague. And so he had to stay home. Since he wasn’t a boy to stand around waiting for the apple to fall down, he worked on various physics issues and formulated the Law of Gravitation. That is, he was well surrounded by ellipses, studying the effects of gravity on orbits… elliptical orbits!

Doesn’t my cousin Ellipse remind you of Easter eggs (although not oval)?
Balatoni Múzeum Keszthely
Múzeum – Keszthely

And if you want to have fun this Easter, you can draw and paint an elliptical egg – trying to do it by the gardener’s method – or use an ancient drawing that you can download from the Europeana website:

pysanky from “Chełmskie. Obraz etnograficzny. (Tom. 2. Z materyałów pośmiertnych wydał I. Kopernicki.)”
The British Library
Public Domain Mark

If you want more activities, you can also find them on the Europeana website, following the title Easter with art & culture – 5 activities for the whole family

A very happy Easter, full of sweet ellipses! 😉

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