A Mathmas Carol

Preface This little tale may scare some or deceive others. Not by the ghosts, spirits or apparitions that may exist in the world (about which I can't pronounce myself, because I've never seen them, and science hasn't yet proved their existence, so that I could believe even without seeing them), nor by the strange but … Continue reading A Mathmas Carol

How to turn a damn into a heroine

I've used the letter X more often in Mathematics than in Portuguese ... But I doubt a bee can learn how to write the letter X, even though it knows mathematics ... since it helps other bees to build honeycomb hives that have a large area for a small perimeter, that is, where it fits … Continue reading How to turn a damn into a heroine

You could give me a treat … and my dream

"Mrs. E, is my drawing okay?" "Yes, my dear, it is very expressive. I really like your idea of ​​painting the moon to brighten up the classroom." "There could be night classes. We could have more fun!" "Oh, yes! It would be fun! So, the stars are missing. " "Yes, and you’ll be a star." … Continue reading You could give me a treat … and my dream


the idea. «The tale L'homme qui plantait des arbres tells the story of a shepherd, Elzéard Bouffier, who alone will reforest a desolate valley in the Alps, in Provence. It's the life of a man who, with his own hands and unlimited generosity, disregarding the obstacles, makes the whole forest come out of nowhere and, … Continue reading Horizon

Santa Pi’s heart

Pay attention to the heart. It's a YouCubed Heart.     One day I said to my beloved Miss Circle: “Youcubed my heart!” And she was SO happy.   This image repeats the logo of YouCubed, a math project for teachers, students and parents. You can see in this Heart many of the friends I … Continue reading Santa Pi’s heart

Origami Cube

This wonderful 3D Animated Short film called "Origami" was created by the talented team of Joanne Smithies, Eric De Melo Bueno, Michael Moreno, and Hugo Bailly. Origami is the art of Japanese origin consisting of folding paper to get different shapes. We can do wonderful things with the Origami technique. Try to do a Cube, … Continue reading Origami Cube

Let’s Play!

Featured Image from Ghada Wali Is there anything in common between Math, Lego, Arabic and Design? Let's see... and play! Legendas em PT nas Definições «A pioneering graphic designer in Egypt, Ghada Wali has designed fonts, brands and design-driven art projects. She believes that graphic design can change the world.» «After a visit to a European … Continue reading Let’s Play!

Tikkun Olam

Imagem em Destaque: FigTree Nonius Adventures não avançou na competição CER mas as ideias Tikkun Olam mantêm-se 😉 A Nonius Adventures agradece aos elementos do CERprize 2018 o convite feito e a possibilidade de conhecer projetos muito interessantes e importantes para "reparar o mundo", tendo sido o nosso impulsionado a concorrer por «ajudar e motivar as crianças … Continue reading Tikkun Olam

Hi, Elise! – She changes

Elise is an American girl and... she hates math. So much that she did a rap about it. The rap is great! But... will Nonius succeed in getting her to change her mind? It'll not be easy. It may even turn out to be a    But we gonna try. So let's do it! In our … Continue reading Hi, Elise! – She changes