Santa Pi’s heart

Pay attention to the heart. It's a YouCubed Heart.     One day I said to my beloved Miss Circle: “Youcubed my heart!” And she was SO happy.   This image repeats the logo of YouCubed, a math project for teachers, students and parents. You can see in this Heart many of the friends I … Continue reading Santa Pi’s heart

Art, Gym and Math

Nas palavras de Manuel Moura dos Santos: "... o exemplo do que precisamos. Trabalho, trabalho, persistência, talento. Mas, o talento não é nada sem muito, muito trabalho." The ArtGym Company mostrando todo o seu talento e flexibilidade. A  força física aliada a grande força mental. Fantástico! E o que é a ginástica acrobática? É, portanto, uma … Continue reading Art, Gym and Math

Hi, Elise! – She changes

Elise is an American girl and... she hates math. So much that she did a rap about it. The rap is great! But... will Nonius succeed in getting her to change her mind? It'll not be easy. It may even turn out to be a    But we gonna try. So let's do it! In our … Continue reading Hi, Elise! – She changes